Why us?

Why choose Workplace People for your people needs?

Workplace People was founded on the basis of building successful relationships, delivering exceptional value and the ability to access top talent. Rich in values, our boutique organisation strives to provide an exemplary service to our clients through the personalised service from our experienced team.

Our approach is signified in our branding ‘Your People Solution Specialist’ supporting the peaks and troughs of many organisations. In this ever changing market, we continue to grow and adapt, providing innovative sourcing strategies.

We understand that businesses require flexibility when it comes to a recruitment solution. For instance; business growth, budget restrictions, project work, maternity leave cover and business restructure, annual leave and all impact a business’s needs. Each solution can be tailor made through our Permanent or Contracting Services. Whether it is temporary or a fixed term contract solution, WPP focuses on working with the best candidates immediately available in the white collar market.

We are a proactive and responsive organisation, insisting on nothing but excellence from our staff and employees. We are consistently striving to maintain this and improve where possible. It is often the little things that we can do that can make all the difference in our service delivery.

Our Core Values:


Assessment Centres

The world of recruitment is constantly changing and evolving and as a result so are the needs of our clients. We strive to maintain a dynamic and innovative approach to recruitment to ensure we have validated the best talent in the market and keep relevant and at the forefront of the industry.

Our Assessment Centres are designed to accurately evaluate a candidate’s suitability to specifically reflect the needs of our partners. These methods simulate a live working environment which assess not only the aptitude of the candidate but predict on job performance and behaviour. These methods have proven to be highly effective as this approach generally requires multiple assessors who collaborate across a number of different exercises including group work, simulation testing and further behavioural interviews.

The assessment results and observations allow hiring managers to make informed decisions with clear objective data around suitability for the role at hand.